Our  remote back country camp is set in a shaded dense jungle   location. The canopy above and the terrain that surrounds are teaming with exotic  wildlife. Cleared sand pathways  within our campsite,hammocks & chairs,make for a relaxing area in between sessions of world class  fishing. Warm fresh water showers (solar-heated) are provided at the end of each day. A private comfortable tent and therapeutic mattress for each guest makes for a great nights sleep.

  The Outrigger boat ride from our launch location takes aprox. 1.5 hours  depending on conditions. We leave just on daybreak and head east  towards the remote Eastern tip of Java. The scenery along the cliff lined  coast is extraordinary. Once we reach the tip we make our way in  through the shallow reef passage and travel along the inshore channel close to the beach until we reach our chosen set-up location. On arrival our equipment & supplies are unloaded and camp set up begins.
Nothing is left behind once we depart our camp site area.

WE ARE A CLEAN AND GREEN OPERATION,and  practice catch and release after we have enough for dinner. Within a 10-20 minute walk in either direction of our campsite is no less than 10 world class fishing locations depending on the tide. We also use our outrigger on hand for easy access to fish reefs east and west of where we camp,normally inaccessible by foot. A truly remarkable experience awaits the adventurous fisherman !! 

Private tents for each guest


Just in front of our camp is this 95% fresh water spring that presents itself at low tide. This water is used in our solar warmed shower. Also a great way to have a cool rinse after a hard day of fishing.

Not bad eh !!