Camp Photos


JUNGLE ULUA  backcountry camp. Just off the beach. Relax here in between fishing sessions.
The  immediate coastline where our remote camp is located is protected by a  outer reef, but by no means placid on occasions. It is abundant with a  variety of fish species. Catches of Giant Trevally (Ulua) silver and  black are frequent. Blue fin trevally (omilu) are also commonly caught  depending the water temperature and currents. Queen fish, Yellow Emperor  and Grouper are regular catches as well. The thrill of hooking up  here  using surface lures is second to none !!

 A giant sea turtle returns to the
sea after laying her eggs just in front of our camp.

The wildlife that surrounds this area is spectacular to say the least.  Some of the species include: Deer(kijang), Wild Boar, Long Tailed Black  Monkeys & Macaks, Monitor Lizards, Small Jungle Civets, Peacocks  & Wild Jungle Hens. The amazing otter like Lua is seen here as well.  A ocean hunter that lives on land. Sea Eagles fly overhead and Whales  breach within sight. Deep within the jungle the Indonesian Leopard is  said to still exist here as well. Recent sightings have been documented  but are rare. A truly fantastic location for the adventurous fisherman  and outdoorsman in search of what we know as the only JUNGLE FISHING  SAFARI of its kind.