What It's All About


Have a chance at landing a 80-100lb.+ Ulua (giant trevally) on a daily basis !!  Fish where exotic wildlife roam the remote jungle location, enter the virtually unknown sanctuary of an untouched corner of Indonesia,all while under the guided supervision of an Ulua spinning expert. Your fishing abilities will be challenged to the fullest and the rewards here are great !! 

What its all about ? 

  For the most part casting and spinning from virgin beaches and exposed reefs. This exclusive adventure is strictly limited to a maximum of 4 guests per season (generally 2 per trip) which enhances the experience, protects the area and ensures quality fishing. Our walk in trips are now a thing of the past.

Large stable shallow draft outriggers get us in to and out of the remote area of coastline where the adventure begins. This has opened an area never before accessed by foot.  Also, this enables us to fish barely exposed reefs and narrow passes during the neap tides as well.   The logistics that go into making this adventure comfortable and safe are as complicated as any expedition into some of the most remote corners of the world. Electricity, endless amounts of hot fresh water and toilets are left behind once you leave our launch location. Even though we are extremely isolated and in a remote corner of the jungle your accommodation quickly become a quality back country campsite for the entire adventure and the days you fish. However,our back country campsite is hardly roughing it !!  Enjoy a bottle of fine red wine,smoked salmon, fresh sashimi and a selection of cheeses at the end of the day. Settle your appetite with the catch of the day complimented by our international side dishes, all prepared by your guide. After dinner gaze at the Southern Cross and Milky Way or watch a bon fire while reflecting on the days experience. Retire to your private tent to ensure a comfortable nights sleep serenaded by the sounds of the sea and jungle. Live and fish your wildest dreams.

               Jungle Ulua Fishing Adventures makes it happen in style !!

 Precaution Statement: 

 This is an adventure into a remote, untouched and wild jungle. YOU ARE OUT THERE !!  It is not for the timid or inexperienced fisherman. We will get a feeling for your abilities and fitness levels before we accept you as a guest on this adventure. Safety  is always a prime consideration everyday we guide you to the fish; however, conditions can go from placid to extreme on a daily or hourly basis. Beginners or unfit individuals are discouraged. If you do not feel physically fit to walk long stretches this may not be the adventure for you. 

  Due to the unique characteristics of this remote stretch of coastline,only some spots present themselves fish-able during the extreme tidal phases of the new and full moon, hence our schedule is normally made in conjunction with these times to give your stay with us optimum fishing potential and challenges.